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From flower to flame

Maeva Rae luxury soy candles

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Our eco-friendly luxury soy candles have been expertly formulated in the UK alongside our cosmetic scientist. We use 100% natural essential oils to bring you an unforgettable sensory experience. An experience that marries mindfulness and science.

Our beautiful signature collection started with three words – three feelings – that we love… calm, invigorate and joy.

Relax and unwind with our CALM luxury candle as the sweet basil alleviates tension and vanilla promotes sleep. Feel empowered and energised by the healing properties of our INVIGORATE candle, which uses eucalyptus to uplift the senses and juniper berry to detoxify. JOY will spread positivity thanks to orange blossom, bergamot and extravagant tuberose.


From a morning meditation routine into your relaxing bedtime wind-down, our candle collection offers naturally fragrant and mood-balancing scents for every moment of your day.


Ease away daily stresses and soothe the senses with our relaxing calm candle. Sweet basil alleviates tension, while vanilla promotes sleep helping you to totally unwind.


Energise and enliven the mind. Invigorate includes the powerful essential oils of eucalyptus and fir balsam for an unparalleled pick-me-up.


Spread happiness around the home with our uplifting Joy scent. Featuring uplifting orange blossom, it exudes warmth and positivity from the first light.

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Bask in the natural benefits of these brain-boosting essential oils and experience pure, unparalleled harmony.

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