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Maeva Rae

The Collection - Candle Trio

The Collection - Candle Trio

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Three little words that make us all light up... Calm, Invigorate, Joy of course. Welcome to The Collection, our decadent curtain of mood-boosting homeware essentials - three signature scents in one luxury candle gift set. Created in the UK with loving care, all of our soy wax scented candles have been expertly formulated with quality essential oils at 10% and 100% natural fragrances. The scents are truly divine and the result is a feeling of pure delight.
Relax and unwind to CALM as the sweet basil alleviates tension whilst vanilla promotes sleep, helping you to totally unwind, soothing your senses like never before.
Feel empowered and energised by the healing properties of INVIGORATE which uses eucalyptus energy boosting properties to uplift and juniper berry to detoxify - it's like a morning espresso for the mind.
Joy will uplift the senses, boost your mood and spread positivity thanks to orange blossom that excudes warmth, while bergamot energises and extravagant tuberose refreshes the soul.
Our gorgeous collection includes all three fragrances for you to truly indulge. Every candle has been formulated wit loving care for a truly unforgettable sensory experience.

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